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The Society


The goals of the Belief functions and Applications society is to promote teaching, research, application and creation of knowledge in the domain of belief functions, their extensions, and the links they can share with other theories and techniques.


The organization can use any mean or technique adapted to the realization of its goals, like establishing conventions with public, semi-public or private organizations, with physical or moral persons, acquire and manage real estate and/or goods in particular, the organization is expected to:

  • favor teaching of belief functions in initial and continuing formation,
  • favor research in the domain of belief functions,
  • represent the interests of belief functions towards national and international organizations with similar interests, and organizations whose intersects include belief functions. It can designate delegates its members for this duty,
  • publish a newsletter,
  • deliver awards.


The organization is composed of physical and moral persons:

  • honorary members are physical or moral persons, chosen by the general assembly, on a proposition from the board of directors. Honorary members are exempted of membership fee during their whole lifetime. Benefactor members are physical or moral persons paying a special membership fee. Its minimal level is decided each year by the general assembly.
  • Active members are physical persons contributing to the realization of the objectives of the organization. Each year, they pay a membership fee, decided each year by the general assembly.
  • Student members are physical persons, studying data fusion and/or concerned by belief functions, who belong to the organization like active members. For a limited time, their membership conditions are more favorable than active members; their membership fee is decided by the general assembly.
  • Institutional members are moral persons concerned by the development of belief functions. They are approved by the board of directors, and pay a annual membership fee decided by the general assembly.
  • All the members of the organization have the right to vote during the General Assemblies and Extraordinary General Assemblies. Conventions may be contracted with other non-profit organization to establish reciprocal cooperation links, allowing their members to join with specific conditions.


    Apart from the honorary members, to become a member of the organization it is sufficient to fill a membership demand from (paper or electronic) and pay the corresponding annual fee. The board of directors keeps the right to reject a membership demand without exposing its reasons.